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April 8, 2017

Hello all, sorry for my absence for such a long time, but after all this time I’m so happy to announce that I have made a transition to the other side of the camera.

Now you can check my work at Tumblr and see all the super hot models that I’ve been working with.

I hope you enjoy the photos.


Thank you so much for ll your love and support.

All You Need is Discipline… and Drugs

There are a lot of physique competitors online posting motivational quotes over their own photos, offering coaching, and sharing advice for staying in shape.

Many of these competitors are ripped beyond belief – men and women alike – with striated glutes, deeply cut six packs, delts that balloon out and taper like Q-tips on top of their arms… you know the deal.

These people look neat. They’re remarkable.

But their appearance is often less like the fit guy or girl next door and more like a caricature. Definitely not something you can achieve via training and nutrition alone.

Yet these are the folks who often have the most to say about motivation and discipline.

They’ll tell you that if you’re as disciplined as they are, or if you have the same work ethic, or if you sign up with them, you too can achieve the look that they’ve gotten.

And that’s where I get a little pissed.

Stop It With the Sermons


I get that athletes use performance enhancing drugs. That’s just the nature of modern sports, whether we like it or not.

So throwing a fit over the people who get caught using drugs is silly. Your favorite “drug-free” athlete, well, probably isn’t. And I can only imagine the pressure that professional athletes face in order to succeed and stay relevant.

So drug use itself doesn’t really burn my cookies.

What does is when those who are obviously using get preachy and lecture us mere mortals about how to do things “the right way” in order to become more muscular or lean like them.

“All you need is discipline! And my diet and training program! I can show you how to eat, train, and look like me!” – Online coaches whose medicine cabinets are stocked like a Tijuana pharmacy.

The truth is, them telling us how to get shredded and jacked is kind of like a thief telling us how to get rich.

I don’t plan on making gains or losing fat that way, and if you’re a lifetime natural lifter, neither do you.

Defying Genetics


Weight training doesn’t defy genetics. It makes the most of them.

It allows you to capitalize on your strengths. And it enables you to improve even your weakest links. But it won’t ever do what drugs can do.

If you use them and your clients don’t, your choices have invalidated a lot of your advice – especially from an aesthetic perspective.

Why? Because building muscle and training hard while using anavar, winstrol, dbol, or whatever, does defy genetics. It shits all over genetics.

And it makes all the difference in the world for those who’ve “made it.”

Chances are, with competition being what it is, you, dear steroid user, likely wouldn’t have made it without the “extra assistance.” And sadly, since many competitors go through it like candy, you may not even be “making it” now.

There’s just more competition out there. There’s a growing community of selfie-obsessed bodybuilding fanatics who are juicing up, posing for Instagram, and begging for clients to coach.

And you don’t have a grasp anymore on what it’s like to see your body day after day with minimal (yet realistic) progress. You didn’t take the slow path. How can you relate to those who do?

There are plenty of people who aren’t using drugs that have sound nutrition and training advice, but they don’t sell the pipe dream that you dangle in front of naive clients and inexperienced lifters.

Dear Steroid User

Female BB

Think back to when you were a natural lifter.

Go back to when you were last working your ass off without drugs – maybe you were still seeing progress here and there, but nothing over-the-top dramatic. Go back to that place and pretend like you chose to stay on the natural path.

Are you there?

Okay, now tell us about discipline.

Now tell us how we can make the most of our genetic potential.

Now tell us how to stay motivated.

Because get this: It’s easier to be motivated when you’re making massive progress. And it’s easier to make massive progress when your medicine cabinet is stocked with substances that allow you to bypass natural limitations.

Bottom line? You took an easier route – though you won’t ever admit that. And you didn’t make the most of your genetics; you escaped them.

If you’re a veiny chick with striated glutes, single digit body fat, deep feathered quads, and hard cut triceps, then I have to roll my eyes when I see your sorry motivational quotes.

Lifting itself wasn’t enough motivation for you. Nor was healthy eating.

You can teach us about technique, you can show us how you program workouts, but when it comes to motivation, you’re completely out of touch.

But go ahead. Publicize your online coaching and gain some recognition.

Caption your social media photos with more of those 5,000-word dissertations for the starry-eyed girls and star-struck younger guys who think they’ll look like you if they just attain your level of “dedication” and your ability to “trust the process,” “follow your dreams,” “live your true passion,” and “never give up!”

They’ll figure it out eventually. And maybe they’ll even choose to become the fit looking guy or girl next door instead of another internet-famous caricature.

The rest of us? We can motivate ourselves.

(source, https://www.t-nation.com/blogs/steroid-users-on-soapboxes)

Steroid Users On Soapboxes

False Hope For Sale


Dani Shugart is a published author, figure athlete, and editor for T Nation. She helps readers take control of their dietary behaviors to finally build the body they want.

The rest of us? We can motivate ourselves.


August 28, 2015

Today I had a wonderful experiance with Dr Michael Perez, who took care of my botox needs and treated me like a prince. I highly recommend his services, he is located in Coral Gables Florida, you must visit him and tell him I sent you his way. *wink*

Dr Michael Perez

299 Alhambra Circle,

Suite 208

Coral Gables, Florida 33134


Photography by Justin Monroe

Photography by Justin Monroe

Ok I don’t know if I’m going crazy or what but I thing I just saw “LADY GAGA” in “BEYONCE’S” “HAUNTED” music video!!!

Gaga mentioned on twitter this…

Beyoncé filmed her new music video for ‘Haunted’ at the same mansion where Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ was filmed at.


Love thy neighbor as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do not covet thy neighbor’s ass. These are the ethical foundations of any good swinger’s lifestyle.

If you like Jesus, pumping iron and pumping/getting pumped by acquaintances bound by holy matrimony, there’s a website just for you.

It’s called Fitness Swingers, and it’s the brainchild of Cristy Parave and her husband, Dean, who dreamed up the site after reportedly having a threesome with this wife and her female friend. Apparently, the sex was just heavenly.


The Florida couple, who met at a bodybuilding competition, are interested in sharing their beliefs and their spouses with others who feel similarly. They started their online network 7 years ago, and haven’t looked back. The pillars of their relationship: A commitment to their faith, to fitness, and to the ideals of the swinger lifestyle.

Dean Parave told Barcroft Media that he doesn’t think that his swinger lifestyle conflicts with his Christian beliefs. In fact, he considers it a kind of ministry.

“So far today, God hasn’t told me, ‘Dean stop that, it’s a sin. I don’t want you to do that.’ Until he does that, I’m going to keep trying to help as many people as I can,” he told Barcroft.

Christy said she needed a little convincing that it was moral at first, but now she’s totally convinced that god is on their side.

“God put people on the Earth to breed and enjoy each other,” she told Barcroft. “I feel God is always with me and he has put us here for a reason.”

Their daughter told the outlet that she thinks that helping run her parents’ website is definitely “different.”

(source, thank you www.huffingtonpost.com )


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Blame it on the World Cup. That’s what Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is doing to explain why airlines are slashing flights to the crisis-plagued South American nation.


Alitalia and Panama’s Copa Airlines this month became the latest carriers to cut flights to Caracas over the socialist government’s refusal to allow them to repatriate proceeds from ticket sales inside Venezuela. Foreign airlines say they have the equivalent of $4 billion trapped in the country when sales are converted at the official exchange rate of 6.3 bolivars per U.S. dollar.

Maduro, who previously has threatened to punish airlines that leave the country, said Thursday that “bourgeois” news media opposed to his government are spreading lies about airlines’ reasons for suspending flights.

Echoing comments a day earlier by Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez, Maduro said carriers aren’t abandoning Venezuela but rather are temporarily adjusting flight schedules to meet demand for flights to carry soccer fans to Brazil for the World Cup tournament beginning next month.

“Some European airlines have reprogrammed their flights during the World Cup,” Maduro said on state television from an airport in the state of Apure, where he was inaugurating a new domestic air connection with the capital. “They’re diverting flights to Brazil.”


Air Canada, TAP of Portugal and Avianca of Colombia are among other airlines that have reduced flights to Venezuela in recent months, citing the repatriation problems spurred by a shortage of U.S. dollars. Several U.S. carriers have restricted ticket sales, making it difficult to find seats on remaining flights out of the country.

It’s not just airlines facing problems in Venezuela. Food processors, pharmaceutical companies and carmakers are also having difficulty obtaining dollars from the government’s tightly managed currency system, leading to shortages of everything from toilet paper to car parts. The supply restrictions are putting pressure on prices, which have skyrocketed more than 50 percent over the past year.


Associated Press writer Joshua Goodman in Bogota, Colombia, contributed to this report.

(Source, thank you yahoo.com )