Venezuela – War Zone

February 16, 2014

Venezuela is in middle of a crisis. People can’t take the government corruption anymore. Here’s images depicting the chaos. God bless the people of Venezuela!

Venezuela beauty queen killed 2 140219-venezuela-1326_500b5648286ed356abedacc1a0bdda7d A flaming barricade erected by protesters in Caracas _73077296_c0806795-f295-4864-8004-7aa52f128929 bfff59312ecb51074c0f6a7067003735 protesters-in-venezuela-are-wearing-crazy-looking-homemade-gas-masks Venezuela-protests-2-jpg Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez gets into a National Guard armored vehicle in Caracas 351451_Venezuela-protests 140219-venezuela-jms-1725_cf33c4e0b9ab50ce00fdbe54bff31773.330 992641-ace804a8-98f4-11e3-a55d-f7cc6090b4d9

Venezuela Prison VENEZUELA-PRISON-RIOT a04635eec1e902b1a9a061f1b26c88a356896bda Venezuela_Prison_riot pc-140215-venezuela4_3d0382319320416e54ebfba4dd71a3e3 676x380 Venezuela Prison Riot VENEZUELA-ELECTION-CAPRILES-SUPPORTERS 20140213T004635Z_1_CBREA1C025Q00_RTROPTP_4_VENEZUELA tumblr_n0wvpeECJA1qkltmbo1_500 460x 20142168610557734_20 VENEZUELA-ELECTION-CAPRILES-PROTEST pb-101223-venezuela-jw-12p.photoblog900 126041228_Venezuela_404922c Venezuela protests 0008846a-942 73ec9f1f-e887-40b7-9b4d-ce4b9cb0414c-620x413 ven mtven16-20130416103815855549-620x349



One Response to “Venezuela – War Zone”

  1. Fulano said

    let’s call it by its name. massacre

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