September 19, 2013

sometime life takes unexpected turns, sometimes take us to where we don’t want to be, sometimes it beats us up so hard, sometimes we don’t see the light.

Sometimes the happiest moments turn in a split second into the saddest  ones, Sometimes the brightest  day becomes the darkest one.
Sometimes we feel the pain and we ask why? why me? we don’t understand why, and we might never know the answer, but I’m sure there is a reason for it.
Sometimes trying to look for the answer is not the right thing, sometimes trying to figure out is not what we should be doing…. Even tho it’s very hard to see it this way
Life is only once and it’s a constant learning experience. Remember when you where a child and you were in school and you didn’t want to go or you hated it, well look at yourself now you might have a job that “you don’t want to go or you hate it”. But well you should see it this way, back then you didn’t know why you have to go to school, but you did it, because someone sent you, today you going to work because you have to, to make money so you can make a living, also thru all this years you learned to be tolerant, you seated at school for hours waiting to go home and watch cartoons, but in reality were  learning for the future for what it was to come….
We’ll if you going thru something hard in your life it might be just a learning for the future, it might be something that you will use to help other.
Remember always see the half full of the glass and not the half empty, it’s your choice which one to see. Remember there’s always a light in the end of the tunnel,mar member is one door closes another one will open,
Life it’s beautiful and there is only one… If you have a problem that has a solution, then it is not a problem, and if you have a problem that does not have a solution just forget about it, move on. The only thing that doesn’t have a solution is death and it is inevitable!
Be happy, be grateful, be thankful
Remember there’s always someone in a worse situation than you are, and that person might need your helping hand!
And overall always remember that someone loves you!
Have a wonderful day, lots of love, Victor
I wanna share this story with all of you,


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